Friday, August 30, 2013

My Chastity, Ballbusting, Balloons, Foot Fetish, High Heels, Socks, Thigh High Boots And Giantess Videos!

I am here to tease and humiliate you while having fun draining your bank account at the same time. I do whatever satisfies me. I love using boys for my amusement. I enjoy being pampered and spoiled like a Goddess should! I like shoe shopping, going out with my friends, getting my nails done, having a nice glass of wine, sunbathing, traveling, and of course, ignoring your ass. Tributes always get my attention! What's your kinky fantasy? Confess to your Goddess all your dirty secrets!

My Fetishes: Ignore Fetish, Blackmail, Forced Bi, Small Penis Humiliation, SPH, Strapon, Cuckolding, Loser Abuse, Make you Eat Your Own Cum, Spitting, Tease and Denial, Ruined Orgasms, Edging, Chastity, Ballbusting, GFE, CFNM, Cock Suckers, Anal Whores, Cum Sluts, Emasculation, BBC, Big Black Cocks, Interracial Sex, Fetish Fantasies, Facesitting, Bukkake, Foot and Shoe Worship, Boots, Heels, Sneakers, Pantyhose, Secret Confessions, Gloryholes, CBT, Giantess, Public Humiliation, Spoiled Bratty Bitch, Online Shopping Sprees, Cream Pies, Trampling, Forced Feminization, Degradation, Human ATMs, Financial Domination, Wallet Draining and Goddess Amber Worship. Tribute Your Goddess! Goddess Amber loves to get all her bills paid for! Click on all the buttons to satisfy my wants and needs!

Chastity 1 Week Training $5
You love being my chastity device slave. I control you and decide how long your going to be stuck in that thing.

2 Week Chastity Training $5
I have control over your penis. I have the keys. I decide how long your stuck in there.

3 Week Chastity Training $5
I keep the keys right in my pocket. You are under my control. I say what happens to your you and your penis. I tell you whether or not you will remained locked in your chastity device.

4 Week Chastity Training $5
I still have the keys. I bet you want me to hold onto them longer, because you know how much it pleases me, knowing you can't get hard, jerk off or have sex anymore.

5 Week Chastity Training $5
I like to keep you stuck in there for my pleasure. Just knowing that you can't do anything is fun for me.

Ballbusting Your Nutsack $5
I love kicking guys in the balls. Watch me kick in my high heels.

Cruel Ball Busting Brat $5
I have kick many guys in the balls. When a guy pisses me off I grab them and kicked him in the balls. View how high and quickly I can kick with my shiny black open toed heels.

Vicious CBT $5
I like watching you bend over in pain as I kick you in the balls. I think it's hilarious and I want to kick more guys in the balls.

Hurting Your Balls $5
I like kicking a guy in the balls, especially in over the knee platform boots like these. Look how hard my boots are. If you had this in your balls, it would hurt so bad.

Ballbusting Smackdown $5
Watch me practice my ballbusting moves in my thigh high black shiny latex boots. I can't wait to punch, kick and stomp you in the balls.

Punching Your Balls $5
Watch how fast I my fists fly as I punch you repeatedly in the balls.

Bondage And Ballbusting $5
I am going to tie you up infront of everybody with your legs spread wide open. Then I am going to kick you in the balls. Just when you think it's over, I am going to give you a good swift punch in the balls.

Stomping On Your Balls $5
I show you many diffferent ways I like to kick, punch, knee and grab guys in the balls.

School Girl Ballbusting $5
Watch me kicking and kneeing you in the balls. Hearing you scream in pain is so funny. Other things I like to do is walk right up to a guy and give him a good punch in the balls, squeeze them when he leasts expects it and use my heels to dig into their balls when he is on the ground.

Ballbusting Brat $5
This guy paid me $200 to just torture his balls. He pulled down his pants and I gave him a good, swift kick in the balls. It was pretty fun, so used my knees and fist to hurt his balls until he was on the ground from being in so much pain.

Bratty Balloon Squishing $5
I squish around 2 pink balloons and eventually pop them.

Popping Balloons $5
I squish 2 orange balloons really hard until they pop.

Taking Off My Boots $5
I have been walking around in these hot knee high boots and my feet are sticky and sweaty inside. I take them shoes and socks off and they are so smelly.

Putting On My Thigh High Boots Part 1 $5
I put on my sexy black thigh high laceup latex boot.

Putting On My Thigh High Boots Part 2 $5
I put on my sexy black thigh high laceup latex boot.

Taking Off My Thigh High Boots $5
Taking off my thigh high boots. I talk about how smelly and stinky my feet are wearing them on all day long.

Giant Sex Girl Stomps, Tramples And Crushes You With Her Feet $5
Look how small you are down there! You shrunk to such a pathetic size! I am going to crush you like they way I crush this plastic bottle with my bare feet. I love crushing little things like you!

Giantess Foot and Shoe Humilation $5
I am going to crush your tiny body like the way I crush this bottle with my size 10 open toed, high heel covered feet.

Mean Girl Crushes You $5
I crush you the way I crush this plastic bottle with my huge, black, platform thigh high boots. I also flip you off while I flatten the bottle.

Mean Girl Can Crushing $5
I crush a soda can with my sneakers.

Smell My Foot Odor $5
My feet smell in these sneakers. I am going to take them off, they are so dirty and sweaty.

Bare Foot Gagging Humiliation $5
You have no choice but to suck on my toes as I forced them in your mouth.

Suck My Bratty Feet $5
You are going to worship my feet, put them in your mouth, and then I am going to slap you with my feet.

My Feet Your Face $5
Put my feet in your face. You are disgusting and pathetic. I am going to smear my sweat all over your face.

Foot Sucking Bitch$5
Get beneath my feet. I want you to suck on my toes and worship my toes.

Sexy Foot Tease$5
I seductively tease you with my bare feet.

Humiliated Under My Feet $5
Get on the ground and watch me wiggle my toes in your face.

Taking Off My Nylons $5
Watch me slowly take off my nylons to reveal my perfect feet.

Foot Fetish Blackmail $5
I saw you staring at my feet. I am going to blackmail you if you don't do what I say from now on. I am going to text message everyone at school about your foot fetish.

Foot Humiliation $5
I tease you with my beautiful, sweaty feet and how you want me to rub them all over your face.

Worship My Perfect Feet $5
I want to put my dirty, sweaty feet in your mouth. It tastes so good. I want you to put each toe in your mouth, one at a time.

Pamper My Feet $5
You want to lick my feet and put your mouth around them. I tease you with my delicious toes by putting them very close to your face.

Bratty Foot Worship $5
See how pretty my size 10 feet are. They taste so yummy.

Sniff My Bratty Feet $5
My feet are so dirty and smelly. It's so humiliating to have my disgusting and sweaty feet all over your face.

Wicked Giantess $5
Look how small you got! OMG, how pathetic! I am going to crush you with my big feet.

Crushing You Under My Giantess Foot $5
You are so tiny, I can just crush your whole body with my foot.

Vicious Giantess $5
Look at you down there, I can't believe how small you are! LOL, I could crush you!

Crushed By A Giantess $5
I stomp on you over and over with my black thigh high boots.

Mean Giantess $5
You are lucky to be able to be under my feet. I enjoy using my big feet to stomp and crush you.

Giantess POV $5
It's so much fun crushing you with my big feet.

Giantess Crushes You Under Her Feet $5
I enjoy crushing you with my socks.

Stepped On by Amazon Feet $5
You are so little down there. I can barely see you. You are so pathetic, I can just crush you with my feet.

Bitchy Giantess $5
I am going to step on your balls with my high heels.

Giantess Girl Stepping On You$5
I have so much fun stepping on you with my stinky feet.

Supreme Giantess $5
Feel the weight of my heels as I stomp all over you.

Publicly Humiliated $5
I am going to put a collar and leash on you, take you out and parade you around like a pathetic little slave.

Mean Ballbusting Brat $5
I punished a guy by kicking and kneeing him in the balls. Everyone was laughing because they knew how much pain he was in.

Public Degradation $5
I am going to make you crawl around in public while I pull you on this leash.

Public Disgrace $5
I am going to put a collar on your neck in front of everyone at school. I will make you kneel and crawl before me, my pet.

Vintage Socks $5
I am going to tease you with my stinky socks.

Dirty Foot Sniffing Freak $5
My feet is soaked in sweat from walking around all day. I am going to take off my shoes because it stinks really bad.

Foot Smelling Fetish $5
I am going to take my shoes off and relax my feet. They are so stinky and dirty.

Showing Off My Sexy Nylon Covered Toes $5
I put on my nylons and spread my toes.